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Sonomètre : Optimus+ Rouge

Référence : Optimus+ Rouge



  • Mesure et calcul en simultanée de tous les paramètres acoustiques disponibles.
  • Conçu pour répondre à la directive européenne sur les agents physiques (bruit)
  • Évaluation de la conformité selon l'ITC /2845/2007
  • Analyses par bandes de fréquences pour aider à choisir les protections auditives adaptées.
  • Mesure du bruit des véhicules conformément aux normes ISO:5130 et §29 StVZO en activant la mesure à l’aide de la télécommande (option).

The ideal sound level meter for measuring noise in the workplace

Optimus + Red sound level meters have everything you need to measure noise at work. Very easy to use, its advanced technology makes it the best choice for professionals.


  • Intuitive interface and easy to use
  • Three independent integrators to provide each exposure parameter according to European standards, LSST, MSHA or ACGIH, for example, all are measured at the same time
  • Simultaneous calculation and recording of all available acoustic parameters LAeq, LEX, LCpeak as well as CA to comply with European and French standards
  • Optional: real-time 1: 1 octave band measurement
  • 30 seconds of voice recording before each measurement (VoiceTag)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Simultaneous recording of all A, C and Z frequency weightings
  • Simultaneous recording of all time weights F (Fast), S (Slow) and I (Impulsive)
  • Backlit color display using the latest high resolution OLED technology
  • Unique dynamic range of 120dB - from 20dB (A) up to 140dB (A) and 143dB (C) LCpeak
  • 4GB memory that can store up to 10,000 measurements
  • Vehicle noise monitoring with optional remote control
  • Bluetooth® connection. Compatible with all Android or iOS mobile devices.
  • Optional GPS module


Compliance: Complies with standard NF-EN 61672

Classes: Available as Class 1 and Class 2 sound level meters

Guarantee: 15 years guarantee for peace of mind

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